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Michigan State ‘Sparty’ Cookies, by request

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Disclosure: I really have no loyalty either way Michigan State University vs University of Michigan, my only tie is that one of my nephews attends MSU. That said, I recently created some MSU Sparty cookies that I think turned out alright…

The final results! GO SPARTIES!

The final results! GO SPARTIES!

Pieced together cookie cutting

Pieced together cookie cutting

I took a page from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle’s book and decided not to let something silly like cookie cutter shapes constrain my vision!

I created my own cookie shape by first sketching my design, then using a couple different cutters (and a knife) to get the shape I was looking for; I used a large scalloped edge circle cutter and a smaller smooth edge circle cutter that I bent until I had something of an egg shape (the egg shape cutter I have wasn’t quite right, and it was too big). Then I cut and pieced them together as shown in the photo above.

Baked cookies - don't they look like strawberries with giant tops?

Baked cookies – don’t they look like strawberries with giant tops?

Sketch with baked cookies, looks about right!

Sketch with baked cookies, looks about right!

Step by step decorating

Step by step decorating

I didn’t do a very good job of documenting the decorating process with pictures, so I improvised a bit with some Photoshop doodling (I allowed drying time of about at least an hour in between each step):

  1. Outline the crest (that’s the white brush-looking thingy on top of the helmet, according to google) in white, pipe the green ‘base’ of the crest (a nice think line), pipe the dot in green and pipe another smaller white dot inside (do this right after the green dot, it will sink in flush.)
  2. Pipe and fill the ‘face plate’ portion of the helmet, pipe the green outline of the back of the helmet.
  3. Fill the white crest, outline the ‘jawbone cover’ (I don’t know if that’s really what it’s called, but google couldn’t tell me, and this just made sense to me) in white, pipe the white dot for the eyeball, followed immediately with a smaller black dot for the cornea. Fill the green-outlined back of the helmet with black. *At this point, you can wait a few minutes then take a toothpick and dab a small amount of white in the cornea for the little eye ‘sparkle’.
  4. Fill the top of the helmet in green, fill the jawbone cover in green, pipe and fill the face. *You can either pipe a small amount of black in for the eyebrows and carefully drag a toothpick forward along the eyeball to create the stern eyebrow furrow, or you can wait and paint it on. I piped these in, but might try painting them next time to see which way I like better.
  5. BEFORE THE FACE DRIES – at this point you can add a bit (after waiting just a few minutes) of flesh toned icing to the face for any contouring. I tried a few different ways (explained below); I recommend adding a little (and trust me, a little goes a long way!) to the nose, the cheekbone, the lower lip and the chin. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS. You can wait until everything is dry and just paint the face, that looks fine too, I just really liked the look the contouring gave it.
  6. ALLOW TO DRY OVERNIGHT. >Trust me on this. Don’t rush this step, you’ll wreck these awesome cookies you’ve put a whole lot of time into.< Using some black food coloring, again, a little goes a long way here, and a couple drops of water, paint the little squares on the face plate (I tried piping those too, didn’t like it, painting looked much better AND was much easier) the eyebrows, if you didn’t already do those, and the facial features; nose, lip, and butt-chin (tee-hee).
Different options for facial contouring

Different options for facial contouring

These are the different facial contouring methods I tried. I know they are backwards, I’m getting the hang of this…

  1. Face dried too much, tried to pipe contouring and then ‘blend’ it down with a toothpick, did not like the results AT ALL. (This is also the cookie I piped the squares on the faceplate…yuck.)
  2. Piped a bit too much, though I did like his nose. The face had also dried too much here as well. Cheekbones, lips and chin were all too big.
  3. Cheekbone was better here, but the lips and chin were still too much (see, I told you, a little goes a long way!)
  4. I abandoned the lips here, cheekbone was alright, forgot the nose (oops), but didn’t allow this one to dry too much (that makes a big difference…and after I painted on the features, I think this one looked the best.
The final results! GO SPARTIES!

The final results! GO SPARTIES!

VOILA! The bottom right is my fave, what do you think?


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