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A few of my favorite cakes…

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I wanted to share some of my favorite cakes that I’ve done with you! These are just a few to start with, I’ll share more down the road; if I tried to post them all on one this would be a really long post! Lol!

Cowboy Hat with coordinating Cupcakes

Cowboy Hat with coordinating Cupcakes

This one was so much fun! I even had people almost pick up the hat to put it on-not realizing it was actually a cake! Yellow cake w/ chocolate buttercream was carved by hand into hat shape, brim was 50/50 fondant & sugar-paste, fondant braided band. Cupcakes were chocolate w/ vanilla buttercream & marble w/ chocolate buttercream, all topped with hand-made chocolate/white chocolate candy boots & hats.

I made the brim by first mixing the sugar-paste & fondant, rolling it out, cutting it using a real hat as a guide, then I flipped the real hat upside down, filled it with newspaper and covered it with plastic wrapped, them laid the cake brim over that to get the shape and let it dry for about 24 hours. The plastic wrap (unintentionally) left a great imprint that made it look like real leather. This is by far one of my favorites cakes ever.

80's cake

80’s Themed Cake

I don’t recall the flavor (except for my signature buttercream filling) of this one; buttercream frosted followed by fondant, Rice-Krispie Treat Rubik’s Cube covered with fondant followed by sugar-paper square cutouts.


Baby Shower Cake to coordinate with Bedding

I think this one was chocolate w/ buttercream for the bottom tire and spice cake w/ cream cheese buttercream for the top tier, with fondant booty toppers. Made to coordinate with the bedding on the left.

Emmy's big cake

Backyardigans Birthday Cake

For my nieces 1st birthday, the three tiers were yellow, chocolate & marble, all decorated with vanilla buttercream. My sister purchased the figures to be placed on the cake.

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