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Football Cookies for Superbowl

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Since I’m just getting started in the wonderful world of blogging, I have several posts I want to make, I can’t possibly have an organized schedule of posting yet…not possible…not gonna happen. Maybe someday I’ll be a bit more organized. Maybe. I actually doubt it…yeah, probably not. I guess we’ll see. Anywhoooo….


IMG_6486 (1024x663)

IMG_6447 (1024x730)

I like the look of a divided football with the seams created by alternatingly (is that even a word?) filling the sections. I started by piping all the sections. I found a great Chocolate Royal Icing recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle (she is really one of my favorite cookiers! Soooo talented!) and you can find her recipe here.

IMG_6449 (1024x807)

I filled the outside sections first and allowed those to dry for a bit, maybe about an hour or so. Next time I think I’ll fill the middle first, to give it a more realistic look on the ends. I started in the middle of the outside sections and filled outward, so I could lessen the pressure and decrease the amount of icing piped in; you can kind of bring it to a point on the ends that way.

IMG_6451 (1024x798)

IMG_6457 (1024x785)

I’ve not gotten into the good habit of taking enough pictures during the process, oops! So the next step WOULD HAVE BEEN to fill the middle section, after the sides had dried a bit, and allowed that to dry a bit. Then I piped the base of the seam with plain ol’ white royal icing at piping consistency and let that dry.

IMG_6478 (1024x770)

Lastly I added the remainder of the seam; I tried a couple different ways before I found the look I liked, you can see they are on a very slight angle, I thought that worked well.

There you have it! Football cookies, all ready for Super Bowl XLVII this weekend!

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