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A Little Football & Beer

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I recently created these cookies for a friend’s birthday party (the same one I brought my homemade-caramel-topped cupcakes to).

IMG_6776 (1024x949)

Now, these are far from perfect, and I clearly have some practicing to do, but I’m darn proud of these for a couple reasons: 1. These were done completely free-hand, and 2. these were done in about 5 hours…in a row…thanks to the use of a fan (a great tip I found on Sweet Sugar Belle’s blog here).  I should also mention that while football helmet cutters are abundant, beer pilsners (glasses) are not…however, guess what looks just like it upside down?

milk bottle

Can you see it?  It’s a milk bottle!  Which are actually pretty easy to find.  🙂  And yes, I cheated on the picture, I’ll admit it (thank you Photoshop, for having a simple rotate picture function.)  I said it before, it’s a tricky thing getting the hang of taking pictures all through the process…which will be evident in this particular post…oh well.  This will do for now, since I know you are pretty smart, I think you get the point.  I’ll come back to these in a sec…

First the helmets!

Ok, so before anyone (who doesn’t like the Cowboys) goes crazy on me about these, let me add this disclaimer: I am not a Cowboys fan. I am not an any-particular-football-team-fan.  However, I will say I’m glad my friend is a Cowboy fan because these ended up being fairly simple and painless.  There, lets move on now, shall we?

helmet 1

So like I said, these were pretty painless.  The only trick really was the star, since I cannot free-hand a star (without the cross-lines, like in the upper-right pic) to save my life.  So that’s how I did them, and then filled them in with the blue.  And with the help of a toothpick to get into the corners, it worked out pretty well.  I added the upside down picture because that’s how I did the stars, upside down, to show an example of how straight-on is not always the best approach when decorating a cookie.

helmet 2

I highlighted the next steps in red, since I didn’t adequately photograph them.  I piped the top edge in the blue, let that dry a bit, then piped and filled the gray.  I added the white dot on the bottom while the gray was still wet.  After a bit more drying time, I finished off with the face mask part, which you can see I was able to do in one continuous line without breaking.  Next time, I would outline the white of the star more.  Otherwise I was pretty happy with these.

The beer pilsners were also fairly simple.  I found a couple of ideas for the Budweiser logo (disclaimer, I did not sell these cookies, no trademark infringement here) and took off from there.

beer copy

I started off with the red off-kilter bowtie-looking part, and the top of the glass.  Then I added the amber-body of the glass and the top of the foam.  Last I added the crown, the base, and the “Budweiser”.  I had debated about adding the crown in the last step, but in the end I’m so glad I did, it kind of made the cookie.

All the glasses’ ‘bowties’ ended up fairly uniform for being free-hand:

IMG_6764 (1024x693)

Here are a bunch of them finished (just ignore the spot on one where I stuck my finger in it)… :p

IMG_6775 (1024x768) copy

signaturew background


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