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A Little Football & Beer

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I recently created these cookies for a friend’s birthday party (the same one I brought my homemade-caramel-topped cupcakes to).

IMG_6776 (1024x949)

Now, these are far from perfect, and I clearly have some practicing to do, but I’m darn proud of these for a couple reasons: 1. These were done completely free-hand, and 2. these were done in about 5 hours…in a row…thanks to the use of a fan Read the rest of this entry


Football Cookies for Superbowl

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Since I’m just getting started in the wonderful world of blogging, I have several posts I want to make, I can’t possibly have an organized schedule of posting yet…not possible…not gonna happen. Maybe someday I’ll be a bit more organized. Maybe. I actually doubt it…yeah, probably not. I guess we’ll see. Anywhoooo….


IMG_6486 (1024x663)

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